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A : There are different packages in this site: 
- Airlines Package: Normally it includes return air ticket, accommodation, shuttle bus transfer from Airport to Hotel and vice versa and maybe some optional tours in destination city if stated in the package. 
- Land Package: It does not include air ticket. Normally, accommodation and transfer are included in package, sometime optional tours also included and clearly stated in the package. 
- Tour Package: It includes return air ticket, accommodation, transfer and tour on destination city that are stated clearly in the package. Normally package price does not include taxes, fees and surcharges.
A : Airlines packages/ Land Package normally offer a package with minimum number of night that is called basic nights and clearly stated in the package. If passenger wants to stay more than basic night/s, they need to book and pay for extra night/s (provided...
A : Besides the specific conditions for Package, the conditions for air ticket and hotel are applied in this Package
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