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Pho Hoi Riverside Resort
Address Xuyen Trung, Cam Nam, Hoi An
Location Cam Nam
Telephone (84) 510.3862.628
Room numbers 32

Along with the timeless beauty of Hoi An ancient town, one of the world’s cultural heritage sites, Pho Hoi Riverside Resort attracts a considerable number of tourists to come to the place for sightseeing and relaxing. The resort is unique in offering the convenience for making ancient city tours due to being only 200 meters away from the heart of the ancient town. Remarkably, the whole area is surrounded by the lush flourishing vegetation and enjoys cool breeze from the peaceful Hoai river.

Pho Hoi Riverside Resort has 38 bedrooms with three separate areas designed in Eastern architectural style including facilities of international standard. The architecture ranges from Cham to Japanese and modern Villa styles. Especially, since all rooms have views of the ancient town or of Hoai River, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the ancient city at night from the colorful lanterns hung on yellow walls and mossy tiled roofs with charming shadows on Hoai river. 

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool




Hotel service
Wireless Internet access free
Breakfast Buffet
Bar & Coffe
24hr room service
Swimmming pool
Room service
Swimming pool
Buffet breakfast
Bath tub
* Cancellation policy:
Any cancellation after 6 days before check in or no show: Will be charged 100% of first night 

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