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Two pilots of Vietnam Airlines suspended for hasty descent

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) revoked the licenses of two Vietnam Airlines pilots for attempting to land a plane without permission.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has taken strict measures to maintain flight safety in Vietnam recently.

CAAV said in a statement without naming them, the pilot and co-pilot of the August 7 Vietnam Airlines (VNA) flight from Hanoi to Can Tho had their license revoked indefinitely.
The incident happened at 3:17pm when the crew received instructions from an air traffic controller at the Ho Chi Minh Flight Information Region to descend to 3,200 feet.
The crew was fully informed about a VietJetAir plane approaching from the opposite direction at 31,000 feet.
However, the VNA crew descended to 3,000 feet, setting off alert systems in both planes.
Both crews followed automatic instructions and successfully avoided a possible collision.
The VNA flight crew later admitted to a pilot error.
The CAAV decided that the error represented level C safety error in the A-E scale.
The agency instructed aviation inspectors to fine both men and send them to re-training courses.

In related news the CAAV instructed aviation inspectors to fine a VNA pilot for taxiing a plane in the wrong direction at Phu Quoc Airport on July 20.
The pilot Nguyen Phuong Nam and co-pilot Pham Phu Thu sent an Airbus 321 in the wrong direction on a runway before flying to Ho Chi Minh City at 7:22pm.
Air traffic controllers cancelled the take-off order and demanded the flight crew to take-off on the correct runway some ten minutes later.
The CAAV said the flight crew was not acquainted with the airport's runways.

Source: Thanhniennews

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