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Amanresorts launches new resort in Vietnam.

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Originally, the architectural harmony with exquisite natural scenery to become an artistic focal point in the poetic space of heaven and earth has made ​​a name of Amanresorts. And this brings Amanresorts Amanoi, last resort of the Group worldwide.

October , 2013 - Originated in Thailand 25 years ago and brought the essence spread throughout Asia , Europe and North America , the chain Amanresorts complete luxury resort with its new sealed in Vietnam . The architectural harmony with exquisite natural scenery to become an artistic focal point in the poetic space of heaven and earth has made ​​a name of Amanresorts . And this brings Amanresorts Amanoi , last resort of the Group worldwide.

Amanoi ingenious combination of " aman " , which means " peace " in Sanskrit and " place " , meaning " place to stay " in Vietnamese . Located on the lush green hills of Nui Chua National Park , Amanoi is a shining jewel as beautiful beaches of Vinh Hy Bay to the values ​​that made the essence of how reputation works belonging to Anamresorts Group .
Resort trip begins with an unforgettable experience just before arriving Amanoi . On the way through , picturesque scenery in Nui Chua National Park will make the tourists listen to a serene feeling as at home , the feeling will follow them throughout the trip . After the first steps up the stairs out of the center , visitors will be greeted by a sweeping views overlooking a quiet bay , the distance is deep green mountains create natural picture flawless
Each architecture is built are very subtle blend with surrounding space . The main building area , restaurant , bar and library are designed with contours that still elegant sophistication , to save the guests can enjoy the full beauty of the magical and beautiful natural places this . Amanoi external architecture is inspired by the traditional house Vietnam , while the interior is a harmonious whole of the dark mark on local identity and the modern amenities but still create a cozy space .

Amanresorts ra mắt khu nghỉ dưỡng mới tại Việt Nam - 2

Receding from the cliff Lotus Lake area , Pilates Studio , Gym and Spa , a space seemingly blends into a beautiful part of the natural surroundings . Strolled sauntered through the Spa down the stone steps will take guests to foot the region Yoga , Meditate paradise floating on the lake sparkling sunshine .

31 rooms in the resort are equipped with the most modern amenities including a king-sized bed ( king - size) , sofa , writing desk , LCD TV with international channels system , advanced sound system , WiFi , a mini - bar and coffee maker . In particular , there is a private pool room . Designed in the spirit of the whole resort , each room has a minimalist style that is very attractive , brings a warm feeling to those who saved . Open space of each room is flooded with the fresh air of nature and the planet khiet.tao rays should feel extremely pure .

The resort offers 5 villas are equipped with private swimming pool , have a private chef and butler to serve Western - Vietnamese dishes upon request . Each villa has spacious vision , where your guests can immerse themselves in the charming scenery of the lush, green mountains and crystal-clear ocean below. Each villa consists of 4-5 separate bedrooms and living room and spacious dining room .

On the white sand beach at Vinh Hy Bay Beach Club is where visitors can find plenty of professional tools for water sports such as scuba diving , kayaking , sailing ... This will be the place to start for adventure discover hidden wonders of the coral reefs , sea world of colorful fish or small bays or reefs jutting out from the majestic cliffs .

Amanresorts ra mắt khu nghỉ dưỡng mới tại Việt Nam - 3

Those who prefer to go the distance and travel can discover along the small trail leading to Nui Chua National Park to enjoy the tranquil and mesmerizing beauty of the mountains , explore the world of 1500 plant species , 160 bird species and 60 mammal species . As for the tennis enthusiast travelers can experience the game in two exciting ball tennis facilities in the resort .

The first project of Amanresort is Amanpuri , opened to visitors in 1988 . To this day , Amnaresorts Group owns and manage 26 resorts and hotels around the world . For those who are familiar with the style and sophistication own unique Amanresorts , the advent of Amanoi will make their experience more rich . In his journey to discover Southeast Asia 's Amanresorts guests can now visit Thailand , Laos , Cambodia and Vietnam as well as to his feelings are cradled between the ends of a tropical paradise . Each work of Amanresorts are a nice note in the harmony with the surrounding nature sing , for each visitor to experience the superlative service , intimacy, warmth and relaxing moments unforgettable .


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