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Enjoy the unique hotel in Dubai beneath the sea

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What's more amazing is sleeping right next to the fish? Designers in Dubai once again to conquer the world in bold new idea: build a hotel after 10 meters below sea level.

This property will be named Water Discus Hotel, shaped spacecraft and will be the basic structure consists of two parts - above and below sea level. Part 2 will be connected to each other by 3 stairways and machinery, help you easily move from the seabed up to watch the morning.

The designers at Deep Ocean Techonology is very unique hotel hope this will help satisfying the most discerning guest to Dubai resort.

Water Discus Hotel hotel will include 21 rooms and 1 bar. Light system designed specifically adds incredible beauty of the sea coast.

Each hotel room is equipped with modern equipment to be able to zoom into the most tiny creatures.

Of course, the design ensures that the hotel will be built tall enough to survive the tsunami or storm surges.

However, the Water Discus Hotel was not a first underwater hotel in the world. This title belongs to the Maldives Rangali Islands resort. The property was built last year and of course the price is also very harsh.

From 815 dollars for a grade and couples often want to choose this as a place to honeymoon, then be prepared to 1,950 dollars for one night and booked one month.


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