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Traditional costumes and tips for selfie

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One of the best experiences when traveling is to try on traditional costumes where you go. Therefore, renting traditional costumes to take photos is one of the things you should not miss. In each region, there are unique indigenous cultures that show the most through traditional costumes and taking photos and these unique costumes are the opportunities for you to transform into indigenous people as well as being able to record very beautiful sets. The experience of renting outfits when traveling below will be a useful guide to help you easily subscribe and choose beautiful outfits on your travel journey.

1. Choose a prestigious dress rental location
This is one of the best travel rental experiences you need to keep in mind. Choosing the right address to rent reputable costumes will help you not to rent bad costumes, frayed, dirty ... In addition, the places of prestigious travel costume rental will always have a tourism support policy.

You can find information about the rental of traditional costumes near the places that you intend to visit and check information, read the review of experienced people to be more secure when renting clothes.
In addition, when renting clothes, you should carefully check the costume and respond immediately if you find an error, this helps you avoid having to compensate if the item you rented has been damaged before.

2. Ask carefully about the price and deal
The price issue when renting photography clothes on tours is always a lot of attention. In fact, the rental price in tourist destinations is not too expensive. With domestic points such as Sapa, Ninh Binh, Da Lat ... the rent is only from a few tens of thousands of dong. For international tourist destinations, the cost of renting traditional costumes at tourist spots will be more expensive but also only range from a few hundred thousand dong.

However, according to the experience of renting outfits when traveling for many fashion followers and bloggers, in order to be proactive about the cost, you should carefully ask the price and negotiate with the lessor.
If you rent things at places where the price is already listed, there's no need to bargain, but if the lessor is not sure about the price, it's best to agree to get the best price.

3. Choose a suitable photo location
Once you wear the traditional costumes typical of the lands and countries you visit, the next thing is to choose beautiful places to take photos.
Usually the background suitable for taking photos with the traditional costumes is the monuments, buildings or natural scenery that are specific to the destination.

Just observe and choose the right shooting angle, you will easily have beautiful tourist photos because the traditional costume itself is a highlight. Also in many tourist destinations you can rent all kinds of boho, vintage costumes suitable for your destination to take pictures.
The experience of renting outfits when traveling on will make it easier for you to find and rent the right items, to comfortably take photos. Hiring traditional costumes when traveling also helps you have beautiful outfits, instead of thinking much about what to wear today, what to wear tomorrow.
Don't miss the opportunity to transform into indigenous girls and guys by wearing traditional costumes featured on your travels around the world.

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