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Turkish Airlines offers free tours to Istanbul

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Instead of simply lounging around waiting at the airport for Turkish Airlines connecting flight, Vietnamese travellers using Turkish Airlines now have a unique opportunity to spend their transit time visiting Istanbul.


By offering this opportunity to travellers with extended connecting times of 12 hours or more, Turkish Airlines once again has distinguished itself from other airlines by transforming a long wait into a delightful discovery of Istanbul, one of the world’s premier destinations.

The tours, with English speaking guides, are designed especially for this purpose by TourIstanbul, and provide three timing options every day for seeing the city while in transit.

The tours are offered three times daily and are designed to give transit passengers a quick, but interesting overview of Turkish Airlines’ home base.

By providing this service, TourIstanbul also hopes to contribute to the global promotion of Istanbul with the support of a number of government and touristic departments and free e-Visas.

More information on the tours can be obtained from Touristanbul at www.turkishairlines.com


Source: VOV

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